Lite-On DG16D2S Xbox 360 DVD-ROM Drive

Lite-On DG16D2S Xbox 360 DVD-ROM


Lite-On DG16D2S Xbox 360 DVD-ROM


Buy a replacement DVD Drive Lite-On DG16D2S for Xbox 360 today!!!!

Buy a Philips LiteOn DG-16D2S DVD Drive for XBox 360

Philips LiteOn DG-16D2S model DVD Drive for the XBox 360. If you are experiencing a sticking drive, read errors, or other DVD drive problems, this replacement should fix your 360 up! You do not need to flash this drive to install it if your current drive’s circuit board is properly functioning. You will need to take the circuit board from your old drive and install it into the new one. This process on the DG-16D2S drive requires soldering!!! We perform this service if you are not handy with the solder iron — drop us an email for more information.

Important: You must either transfer the key from your old drive OR remove the circuit board from your old drive and install it into this new drive to get it to work. You MUST have a Philips LiteOn DG-16D2S DVD Drive in your system now to replace it with another Philips LiteOn DG-16D2S DVD Drive to be able to swap circuit boards. The firmware version does not matter if you are swapping circuit boards.


1.Fixes disc read errors.
2.Fixes slow loading times and failure to read disc.
3.Plus Mechanical issues with the drive.
4.Please note: This drive requires that the firmware be “flashed” before the drive will play games.
5. Cannot eject or load games? This will fix that.

Package Includes: 1 x DVD Replacement Drive For Xbox 360 Lite-On Dg-16d2s

Compatible with: For Xbox 360


All replacement xbox 360 dvd drives either need to be flashed with your security key or need to have your old drive board swapped into the replacement drive. Physically swapping the old board into the new drive is the quickest and easiest.


Buy a replacement DVD drive for your XBox 360 today!!!!

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